Is Oracle’s Stock Overvalued?

Oh no its not for everyone, good for SIA but not for Keppel Corp and Semb Corp as they are oil and gas related industries. Dec is always not a good month for the boutique . But it had recovered slowly near month end. stock market will be in the sell mode in preparation for the year end closing. This month was a roller coaster ride, start of Oct, market was in sell mode and some say market is going to collapse. This month I saw many stocks coming down to quite attractive price. Daily Finan. Bull 3X Shs(ETF)(FAS) – FAS continues to be one of the hottest stocks on my watchlist. Well anyway, very difficult to cherry pick and bang on the ‘best’ one. At one time my portfolio was -4% largely due to a 18% drop in UMS holdings after I bought it. Well, have to work harder and in time I am sure I can beat the STI with the collection of dividend and some capital appreciation.


But I tahan abit, will buy them at different time. Oracle hit a new 52 week high at $27.62 and is now a buy on all major pullbacks. But now that oil is getting cheaper, isn’t it better for everyone? No worries, I am sure when there’s a correction, blue chips will come in cheap and better dividend yield. Apparently when US Fed ended their QE, it means that the US economy is recovering with better job employment, etc. This should be good news for all. After US Fed announced the end of QE, which is to print money to help the US economy afloat, BOJ Japan and Europe announced that they are starting their QE. Have you noticed the severe weather pattern changes in some parts of Europe of late, where some countries, in particular England, recently experienced severe problems as a consequence of extreme weather patterns. I have selected about 25 high dividend, good value stocks.